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Stash Dec 08
Originally uploaded by Mithranstar.
I tidied up.

It took a long time, not least because I had found a glove with evidence of moth activity and I checked every ball in my stash for the same evidence. Fortunately I found none. Apparantly the moths would rather eat the cat scratching post than my yarn, and that's fine by me! All evidence is now treated and removed, but we will be monitering the stash with care.

Stash still organised by colour as I think that looks pretty, but now also organised by type of yarn. Bottom 6 cubes are sweaters worth of yarn. Middle three cubes are odd one or two balls, top three cubes are sock yarn. Sock yarn is organised by type - middle is solida and semi solids, left is varigated and right is self striping. This system works for me, and looks pretty.

I plan to knit more and play The Sims less in 2009.

M x

(The Sims was my 2008 obsession - they have many houses now, many babies, have been turned into vampires, been abducted by aliens, have great great grand children and have mastered the secret to not ever aging. I feel like i've done about as much as you can do with computer characters in a game.)



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Jan. 3rd, 2009 06:40 pm (UTC)
1) First up, fab picture of the stash, it looks amazing, but boo for the moths
2) I have never played the Sims, and am completely intruiged now....
Jan. 3rd, 2009 08:12 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much - I like my stash. :)

I think the moths are all gone - all evidence is anyway and they really hadn't eaten any stash yarn except some very old acrylic that was in the very bottom cube. I threw that away - not a real loss as far as i'm concerned!

Don't play the Sims - yeah it's fun but it is the worlds biggest time suck - i've lost days to that game and all you have to show from it at the end is some pixels that walk around! It is worryingly addictive, and though i'm slightly ashamed to admit it, I did rather enjoy the "Playing God" factor.
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