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Finished Delhi Socks

Finished Delhi Socks
Originally uploaded by Mithranstar.
I Finished the Delhi Socks! I kitchenered the toe around 2am last night and promptly attempted several contortionist style poses in order to photograph them. This successful attempt (the first one I took!) is taken using the tried and tested "lie back on the sofa with legs in air" method. The delightful background is therefore my walls above the picture rail and the ceiling!

Pattern Spec:
My own, 68 stitch cuffs, 64 stitch feet, heel flap.
Yarn: Regia India cotton in "Delhi"
Needles: 2.25mm metal
Modifications: Made it up as I went along. These are a bit big for me, but will be perfect for my Mum who likes a looser cuff. If I were making these again for me i'd knit slightly longer heel flaps and decrease to 64 stitches for the ankle. I also cast on the second a bit tighter than the first so maybe casting on with slightly larger needles would also be advisable.

I'm pleased with the way the stripes match almost exactly, and with the fact that I used up nearly all the yarn available! I had half a stripe repeat left, so I really couldn't have made these any longer and kept them matching.

Mithranstar x

PS: Thank you for all the comments - if i'd known posting about my stash would generate a response i'd have done it a year ago! Labelled stash pics to come tomorrow...


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Nov. 5th, 2007 06:05 pm (UTC)
"kitchenered"? You knitty types just make up words don't you?

Nice socks though.

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