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Peacock sock

peacock sock 2
Originally uploaded by Mithranstar.
I love the dark nights! I really like that it gets dark quickly in winter, knowing that it is cold and dark outside makes me feel even more safe and warm inside!

Unfortunately it does have its disadvantages - no good light for photographs! I just tried photographing my new sock for todays post and realised how crappy the light is at this time in the evening!

Ah well, you should at least get the idea of the sock and i'll try to get some better pictures soon. It doesn't help that it is a hard colourway to photograph accurately.

So these are christmas socks for my Grandpa. The pattern is "Gentlemans sock in Lozenge pattern" from "Knitting Vintage Socks" and I like how it works in this Cherry Tree Hill yarn. I love the colours, I think they are very pretty, but also manly enough for my Grandpa! Although, as I think about it, he wears pink and purple shirts, so i don't think he'd mind too much what colour they were!

These are a fast knit - I only started them late Monday evening and they are progressing rather well. I'll be making the leg shorter than the passage suggests since Nancy Bush suggests 10.5" before you start the heel flap (madness!).

I'm going to take these to I Knit London tonight - hopefully they are a simple enough pattern for me to be able to work on them without messing up. Last time I went to the shop to knit I worked on my Pampas cardigan and ended up frogging most of what i'd knit because i'd been too busy talking and not concentrating enough!

Mithranstar x