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Secret pal in reverse!

secret pal pressies
Originally uploaded by Mithranstar.
I spent Secret Pal 10 sending yarn and other gifts to the lovely Linn at Yarnlove.

Linn is really sweet, and we seemed to click throughout the exchange, sending emails back and forth and chatting as well as posting and recieving parcels! I really enjoyed spoiling Linn, and she was always so pleased with whatever I sent it all just seemed to work out really well.

My final parcel got lost in the post so I sent her a replacement, and then sent the original when it finally turned up! Because of this SP went on much longer for us than for anyone else, and last week it was extended when I recieved a generous "thank you" parcel in the post!

Originally uploaded by Mithranstar.
As you can see, Linn wrapped everything beautifully and included a hand made card!

In the parcel were (clockwise from left):
"Blackwater" - a bestseller in Sweden (in English). Pretty purple yarn, perfect for a skinny scraf. Three skeins of Manos Del Uruguay in a lovely mottled green. A little kit to make a bracelet. 350 of turquoise blue silk, the colour on this is so intense. Sweey smelling soap bars that made the whole parcel smell lovely, a lollipop with temporary tattoos, some swedish sweets in the shape of cars (all gone by the time I took the pic) and some stitch markers in the shape of handbags!

It was all so lovely, and it was just such a generous parcel! Linn managed to pick exactly the sort of things I like !

Linn - thank you so much for this amazing parcel! I loved thinking of things to buy you and reading your reactions to what I sent! I hope we'll keep in contact for a long time.

Mithranstar x