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I Knit London Stitch and Bitch Day

snb yarn purchases
Originally uploaded by Mithranstar.
I know i've said a bit about this day already, but I in no way did it justice, so have been meaning all week to come back and write a full account...

The day started early for me as I had promised to come and help out on the door with the tickets. When I arrived Craig was setting up the river, and there were a few people milling around. We got ourselves sorted out (I was on pre-ordered tickets), and suddenly all these people appeared and started queuing! By the time the doors opened at 9.30am there was this big line of people almost out of the door of the hotel!

From that point on it was all systems go as Vicky, Lynsey and I distributed tickets and Phil monitered the door. And it was a constant, unrelenting stream of people! I saw so many cool knitted garments that I recognised, and I must admit I did point to the occasional person and saythings like "ooh, My So Called Scarf", "Ah, thats a nice Arisaig" and "did you use the normal colours of STR in your chevron scarf?", fortunately they were all ok with me exclaiming over various items of clothing (I suspect because they were doing the same thing!).

About 11.30ish Esther came out to reliveve me so that I could go look around and I got to venture into the hall of yarn and wonder around all the beautiful stalls!

Every thing there looked beautiful, the colours somehow brighter for being next to each other, and the choice was a little overwhelming! I wondered around the stalls, went to say hello to Jon, Roy and Sue at their stalls, saw Alice, Diane and Emmms at the Socktopus stall and generally soaked up the atmosphere.

Actually, it was the atmosphere that I liked the most about the whole event! It was lovely to be in a show where everything was about knitting, rather than the more generalness of Ally Pally, and the stalls somehow seemed more intimate and friendly in this smaller setting. There was a real feeling of meeting to shop and knit with friends.

knittiotherapy bag
Originally uploaded by Mithranstar.
I suppose the difference is that this show was organised purely for the love of knitting. Ally Pally is great, but it feels very commercial, whereas the Stitch and Bitch day had knitting as its focus and felt less about making money and more about having fun knitting together.

It was a brilliant day, and it was topped of with some brilliant purchases and gifts! In the top photo, left to right, are "Titsi" from Easy Knits, "Marmalade" from Oxford Kitchen Yarns, and "Plum Custard" from Easy Knits again! I bought the Titsi, which came in a kit with a lovely sock pattern and was being sold to raise money for breast cancer research. The Plum Custard was a lovely and generous birthday gift from Jon of Easy Knitter fame - he told me to pick out a colour, and I had to go for this because I love the rich contrast of the colours in this yarn! The Marmalade is for the November Mystery sock Pattern on the "Sock Knitters Anonymous" group in Ravelry. It is dyed by a little company why do dye in their kitchen, and is very nice.

I love supporting small local dyers, and I think i'm going to try and buy mostly from small British companies from now on, partly because it reduces the carbon footprint of the yarn if it's not being flown in from America, but mostly because I really like the yarn and want to support british suppliers! I love Easy Knits yarn, it's one of my favourites, and this new yarn looks very nice too.

The second picture is of a gift from the lovely and talented Sue of Knittiotherapy. She hand makes these bags for your knitting and they are just perfect for a small project or socks. There is even a little pocket inside for stitch markers etc, and elastic to store your needles in. I love my bag, thank you so much Sue!

All in all I had a wonderful day - even tidying up in a mad rush was kind of fun! Thank you Craig and Gerard for a brilliant time!

M x