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I'm a firestarter...

firestarters 1
Originally uploaded by Mithranstar.
... well, not really (except for that one time when I set fire to my Primary School, but I swear that was an accident!), but I do have Firestarter socks!

When I hadn't heard from my Sockapalooza pal for a while, the very helpful Alison sorted me (and everyone else who hadn't recieved any socks) out with a "Sock Saviour". Sock Saviours are people who very generously offered to knit a second pair of socks for peple who hadn't recieved their sockapalooza socks.

I did recieve my socks from my original pal, but only after my saviour had started knitting a replacement pair for me -  she very generously told me that she would send my socks anyway, so I recieved socks from two pals!

My saviour was Beate, and she knit me this absolutely fabulous pair of Firestarters!

Not only did she knit them, but she dyed the yarn herself and the colours are just perfect for me! I love the mix of bright blue and purple!

I've been looking at this pattern for a while and considering knitting it because I just love cabled socks and these have particularly pretty twisted cables down the sides. I might still knit a pair, but i'm sure they won't be as nice as these!

firestarters 2
Originally uploaded by Mithranstar.
I didn't take a picture on my feet (I don't remember why) but they fit me absolutely perfectly! I'm so impressed by how both peopple who knit me socks managed to make them fit so well without having my feet there to measure!

Beate, thank you so much for my socks, I love them and I wore them to I Knit London and showed them off to anyone I could corner! I'm sorry that this thank you is rather later than It should be - life has been a bit hectic and rather stressful, but I really love them and am so grateful that you stepped in and knit these for me!

I'm putting together a little "Best of British" parcel to send to you to say thank you for your generosity, so do watch out for that in the post!

Thank you again,

Mithranstar x