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November 1st 2008

I've not blogged for nearly a year, but It's NaBloPoMo, so I thought that was the ideal time to ressurect this and continue my campaign to bore any one who cares with my knitting. I stopped blogging because life got way too hectic last Christmas and once you've dropped something it can be hard to find a slot for it to fit back into again!

I'm not going to do a recap of the last year, that would bore even me. Instead i'm going straight to the current knitting projects.

Peacock socks. these were supposed to be for my Grandpa for Christmas 2007. Ooops... I've got only one toe left to do so I guess I should finish these. I have no real desire to do so simply because I ran out of yarn, meaning that I have to knit the toes in a different but co-ordinating yarn. I hate that these aren't perfect now so am struggling to motivate myself to finish.

The Dublin bay socks are my most recently worked on project. I like the pattern - incredibly easy to remember and effective in its simplicity. I don't like the yarn. It's Hip Knits sock yarn and though I qite like the colours (and love them all balled up) it keeps breaking and the end result feels a bit shiny. I will persevere though because ultimately I do like to see things through.

The Tendril is a cardigan from a Rowan pattern book, knitted in RYC Luxury Cotton, now sadly discontinued. I love the idea of the finished cardigan, and I quite like knitting it, but it was taking me too long, so it is currently sitting in a corner and thinking about what it's done. I've got the back and most of one front done.

So thats my knitting. There has been other knitting, some of which I can't show here yet, but all in all it's not been a productive year knit-wise. I'm hoping I might get more enthused now it is so cold!