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Harika Socks

harika 2
Originally uploaded by Mithranstar.
My very first go at stranding is this lovely pattern from the Twist Collective. I love the pattern, but they are very small and I suspect that I stand little to no chance of getting these onto my feet one they are done. Still, i'm sure I can find someone to off load them onto if they don't fit!

Very fun knit, and I love watching how the changing colours change the look of the pattern.

These are knit in Regia Canadian Colours Vancouver and some plain white Regia for the contrast colour. I'm using my new Kollage square needles and love they way they feel to knit with - definately my favourite sock needles so far and they hardly bend at all!

I'm entering these as my Sockdown! January entry in the Sock Knitters Anonymous group in Ravelry. this is my first entry (each month you knit a pair of socks along a certain theme). Maybe i'll actually finishe these on time!