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More sock

Harika Sock
Originally uploaded by Mithranstar.
The sock is growing.

It definately doesn't fit me. Hopefully it will fit someone I know - not problem with width on foot, just can't get it over my heel :(

I also have some puckering on the heel flap which msy or may not be a guage issue. Probably is - I knit tightly so chances are it is my error rather than an error in the pattern It looks ok on my make shift sock blockers so i'm going to see if I can try it on a foot tonight and see how it looks when it is filled in 3D, as it were. I think it'll probably be ok.

It annoys me though. I technically haven't made a mistake here, I just knit a bit tighter tan the pattern designer and now its not quite perfect. I hate it when things aren't perfect. If I couldn't make my knitting look good and if my tension and eveness of stitches wasn't as good as it is then I don't think i'd be able to knit because it would always bother me that I wasn't good enough.

One of my traits as a child was that if I couldn't pick something up and do it reasonably well straight away then I wasn't interested in spending time learning - I either want to be very good or not do it at all. This is why I don't play a musical instrument - I couldn't get ithe hang of it on the first couple of tries and I didn't want to bother if I was only ever going to be mediocre, so I stopped trying. This is probably also why I can't drive.

Perfectionism is a bad thing - yeah you get things to look nice but at what cost to your sanity?

Anyway, heres the first sock just past the gussett shaping. I like how the colourwork looks.