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3rd post of the day - must be a record. Actually, it's a reflection of the fact that 3 years after I first got this blog, I finally learned (figured out) how to post pictures here properly, rather5 than through the rather torturous route I used to use that involved me blogging the pic from my flickr account. You'd think I would have worked this out sooner, but I didn't, and i owe the fact that I worked it out at all to Ravelry and the way you put pictures in posts there. Sometimes i'm just that dumb.

I never mentioned that I was busy making hats recently. I made a hat for my Grandpa for Christmas - I don't have any pictures of it on him, but I am told that it fits him and he is pleased with it. If he has snow anything like I have here then he'll need it for warmth, though if he does have snow thenI rather hope he's not venturing out at 89!

grandpas hat
Basic mens hat from this pattern. I made one for my Dad last Christmas so I know the pattern works and also knew it was pre-approved as Grandpa asked for one the same. Please excuse the rather poorly staged photo - I finished this at my parents house over Christmas and had to leave it there for them to give to Grandpa so I took the pic on their stairs (as you do).

Second hat is a gift for P. P has been going for lots of walks recently and mentioned (hint hint) that his head was getting cold, so I knit him this hat  to keep his head and ears warm.
p hat on cat
Yes folks, it's a hat on a stripy soft cat. The hat is cabled and knit out of Adrafiul Llama, which P liked at first but now thinks is a tiny bit itchy. He's wearing the hat anyway, because he's good like that (and because I made a huge fuss when he didn't wear hisjumper at first).
P in a hat
P in a hat doing a "thoughtful" pose.

I think it looks good on him, but I made it, so i'm biased like that. The pattern comes from "Knits to Share and Care" by the wonderful Gerard. It's a really good book, and has lots of very wearable patterns. I especially like this book because I designed one of the patterns! I never blogged about it because I wasn't supposed to put up pics of what I was knitting and i've talked before about how much I dislike blogging without pictures. This is my design:
the long and winding road
"The Long and Winding Road"
Cabled socks - Called "The Long and Winding Road" because they are designed for walkers and repersent the different twists and turns that life can take. I was very pleased with them, and super pleased to have them in the book, and it's all down to Gerard. The book has been out since December but if you've not seen it check it out cause it's really good!


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Feb. 2nd, 2009 11:48 pm (UTC)
Oh my word! Who *is* that handsome devil in that hat!


Mar. 1st, 2010 09:16 am (UTC)
problems with pattern
Hi, I really like the socks_ but- the pattern version that I have (it came as a free download from a magazine) clearly has something wrong with it. even to the point of setting up the pattern to knit the cables! is it possible that you could let me have the pattenr that works!! as an example, the sock starts with 78 stitches, then goes to 72 and then for the cuff the instructions are as follows.. K11 (work 16 stiches from chartA) knit 12 (work 16 stuches from chart B) knit 11 (by anyones arithmetic this does not get to 72 stiches, nor does adding in a multiple of 12!! any advise? another strange thing happens when one gets to the instructions for the heel flap too, if you follow the instructions written there is no way you would end up with the right number of stiches to work with! (I am avery experienced knitter and have knitted three pairs of socks so I don't think my problems are because I can't 'read' the pattern!! I would be really grateful for some help with this!! Carole
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